Even the Homeless must move with the Times

After reading an article in The Times this morning regarding the Big Issue linking up with iZettle to facilitate cashless payments for its vendors, it made me realise how everybody must maintain pace with the ever-changing world of technology and apps. The article talks about the homeless vendors of the Big Issue trialling iZettle and cashless payment methods and seeing the vendors as microentrepreneurs adopting the new technology to stay up to date with the reduction of cash on today’s society.

It made me realise how I now use these methods of payment without even noticing. They just become habit. That’s true innovation, an idea that becomes a habit. I nowadays rarely take my wallet with me when I go out.

At Deerbridge Finance embracing these new technologies is key to stay current in the world of finance as with anywhere else. Deerbridge Finance have recently taken on a new client that uses Xero for their accounting software and iZettle for their payment provider. This works seamlessly. Allowing the accounting entries to be created by iZettle every day when it downloads the payments.

An impressive time saving application.